St. Paul’s is looking for a new church treasurer from among the congregation.  Duties include paying monthly bills, keeping track of offerings, pledges, and any gift monies, and preparing an annual report on the past year’s expenditures for the Bishop’s Committee and the church’s annual meeting.  The treasurer prepares monthly for the Bishop’s Committee (normally meets on the first Sunday, after church) a  report on the past month’s income/expenditures.  Program used is Excel.  The secretary does NOT prepare W-2 forms, social security, etc; that is handled by the diocesan office.  At the end of the year there is an audit.
Estimated amount of time: about 10 hours / monthly.  Term limit 3 years.   Ideal date of starting: August last but if necessary this can be postponed to September.  On the news table in the coffee room is a statement of what the treasurer’s job entails.  Help will be given by the outgoing treasurer Mary Berry and the diocesan financial officer Barney.
For more information contact Fr. Paul and/or Judith Sebesta